Friday, April 22, 2011


My Kira's Hooded Vest is featured here!

You may already know the wonderful site "YarnOnTheHouse".
Veronika hosts frequent generous giveaways at her blog, organizing KALs. She shares her beautiful FOs and takes such gorgeous photos. It is totally worth to go through her blog archive to just see them all (if you haven't done that already)!

We got to know each other shortly after I released my Kira's Hooded Vest pattern on Feb. She gave me a sweet message and offered me an opportunity to be shown in her blog. I was thrilled!

Then the earthquake hit Japan. Kira is my baby nephew and I couldn't see this pattern anymore without thinking about Kira and all my family and friends in Japan. This pattern became for the donation and now I appreciate even more for Veronica's strong message on her blog.

Thank you so much, Veronika.
It is so sweet of you, your post made me blush (you are the first person who ever said that my patterns are trendy and stylish!!;), and I'm grateful that you share this story.

Please, everyone, keep praying for people in Japan. They have a long way for recovery (they still having big/small aftershocks everyday) and our continuous supports are needed.
My Kira's pattern is here, but also you can directly contribute to Japanese Red Cross Society (English site, Paypal accepted)

Update 10-5-11: Japanese Red Cross Society stopped accepting Paypal donation on 9-30-11.
I'm trying to look other organization which accept Paypal easy for us in outside Japan.

Love xx


  1. I just discovered your beautiful blog and patterns via Yarn on the House! Thank you for this lovely hoodie pattern! I could not resist getting a copy because of its cuteness but also because I'm very sad for all the Japanese people who are going through some very tough times. I posted the link on my blog as well. I used a photo from your Ravelry pattern page. I hope this is ok. Let me knot if not. Good work and good luck to all your loved ones!

  2. And I thought *I* was your biggest fan. ;) So glad your work is getting the recognition it deserves. Your patterns are wonderful! And yes, trendy and stylish. :)


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