Friday, April 1, 2011

Thank you all! The first batch donation to Japan

Update 10-5-11: Japanese Red Cross Society stopped accepting Paypal donation on 9-30-11.
I'm trying to look other organization which accept Paypal easy for us in outside Japan.

Thank you so much for your kinds words and supports.

I just sent the first batch of the sales from Kira's hooded vest to Japanese Red Cross Society (日本赤十字社).
Kira is doing fine at my parents' house. There are still shortages of gasoline, bottle water, etc. but other supplies in stores are coming back so they can get essential foods and diapers. There are people in much harder situation than my family is in, so even though I told on the last post that I would use some for Kira,  I decided to send all this first batch of donation to those who suffer more and need urgent help. I personally sent a lot of baby cloths and bottles and some toys for him because he didn't bring much of those from his house and he is getting bigger so fast! His parents are also applying for a passport for him now so when radioactive contamination is getting more concern (The local government has been detecting low levels of radioactive in the air/water, which they says it's ok, it should not affect people's health immediately.....WTH does "immediately" mean?!) they can fly here all together.

Anyway, again, thank you all who purchased Kira's hooded vest pattern this past weeks. I will continue contributing to Japanese Red Cross with this pattern sales. If you aren't interested in my pattern, but want to help people in Japan, this is the link to their site ( They can take Paypal.

My sister sent me Kira's picture a few days ago. He is wearing the vest ^^)/
And look at his shiny happy forehead (where did he get that from?)!

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  1. Thank you for this positive news letter. Kira is a lucky child.


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