Monday, March 10, 2008

Kanoko Pants

A month ago, I made a vow to my husband, who has started to worry about rising cost of yarns, that I would not buy any new cloths other than pants and underwears. I have to knit all (Have anybody made same silly vow like mine?). Of course, my husband dosen't take it seriously, but well, I will try as far as I can go. Fortunately winter is almost over. I don't need time/yarn consuming heavy garments, I guess several summer sweaters and some tanks may be enough to survive next 6 months. Oh, and several pairs of socks, too.


This vow is not applied to my daughter almost 8 months now. However, her pants are getting small and running out. She needs more pants! I am not gonna knit my pants, but baby's one should not be that terrible..

So naturally I made one. I call it "Kanoko Pants". "Kanoko" is from Japanese term "Kanoko-ami" which means "seed(moss) stiches".

It is knitted from waist and divided into legs. Waist dosen't join, so later waist band can fold in two with waist string inside.

SIZE: 3-9[9-18, 18-24]months or finished measurement for waist: 16[19, 21.5] inches without stretching.

MATERIAL: 2x Lion Cotton-Ease (taupe) , tapestry needle, stitch holder, size G crochet hook for waist string.

NEEDLES: US6 circular 16" , and double points.

GAUGE: 18sts x 28rws = 4 x4 inches.

with circular needle, cast on 72[84, 96] sts, DO NOT JOIN.

row1-18: [k2 p2] repeat[] to end.


join in to circle.

rnd1-6: k to end.

rnd 7: [k2, k front and back (1 inc)] repeat [] to end. 96[112, 128] sts.

rnd 8: p to end.

rnd 9-11: k to end.

rnd 12: p to end.

rnd 13: k to end.

rnd 14: [k1 p1] repeat [] to end.

rnd 15: [p1 k1] repeat [] to end.

repeat rnd 14-15 5[7, 9] times more.

next round: k to end.

next round: p to end.

next 8 rounds: k to end.
next 2 rounds: p to end.

put the last half sts (48[56, 64]sts) on stitch holder (for left leg).

switch to dpn, divide sts on 3 needles. k in circle.

rnd1-12: k to end.

rnd 13: p to end.

rnd 14-16: k to end.

rnd 17: p to end.

rnd 18: k to end.

rnd 19: [k1 p1] repeat [] to end.

rnd 20: [p1 k1] repeat [] to end.

repeat rnd 19-20 2[4,6] times more.

next round: k to end.

next round: p to end.

next 12 rounds: k to end.

next 2 rounds: p to end.

next 5 round: k to end.



join new yarn (leave at least 5 inches).

do same as right leg.


make 25-30 inches of chain using crochet hook for waist string.

place waist string in waist band ribbing and fold the band in two toward inside of pants.

saw the edges at the waist band border.

using yarn left at the begining of left leg, close the crotch. weave in all ends.

I love seed stitch!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Caiden's skirt

This is a skirt I quickly made for my 7 months old daughter.

It is made of two identical fromt/back pieces seamed togeter. I used straight needles because I didn't have circular needle for right size but sure you can use circular/dpt without seaming.

The wavy edge is simply from repeated k2tog and yo, k and switching to second color on WS gives you stitch-like line by the main color from the last row on RS. I think that looks cute.

Caiden is my friend's baby who are always so cute in brown outfit with brown tights.

Size: 12 months

Material: MC(main color):1x Lion Cotton-Ease (brown), CC (contrasting color): 1x Bernat Bamboo Natural Brand (beigh) , tapestry needle, 3x stitch markers. (optional: size G crochet hook for waist string)

Needles: US8 and US6 straight needles

Gauge: 16sts x 22rws = 4 x4 inches with US8.

Skirt (front and back): This will be knitted from the bottom. (MC) with bigger needle Cast on 72 sts.
row1: k to end.
row2: p to end.
row3: [k2tog 3 times, (yo, k1) 6 times, k2tog 3 times] repeat [] 3 times more.
row4: Switch to CC and k to end.
row5: k to end.
row6: Switch back to MC and p to end.
row7: [k2tog 3 times, (yo, k1) 6 times, k2tog 3 times, place marker] repeat [] 2 times more, k2tog 3 times, (yo, k1) 6 times, k2tog 3 times.
row8: Switch to CC and k to end.
row9: k to end.
row10: Switch back to MC and p to end.
row11:[k2tog, k to marker] repeat 3 times more.
row12: p to end.
row13: k to end.
row14: p to end.
Repeat row 11-14 8 times more, 36 sts remains.
For waist band ribbing, with smaller needle [k2, p2] repeat to end for next 8 rws, BO.

Finishing: seam each side of front/back, weave in loose ends. (for optional waist string, make 30 inches of chain with crochcet hook and weave through the waist band)

Well, this is the first pattern I've ever written, so I appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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