Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'm home

Thank you everyone who supported Japan my pattern. All April sales from Kira's hooded vest were sent to Japanese Red Cross Society on 5/1/11^^)/.

I got to know a lady through Ravelry who makes handmade accessories. I purchased a cute brass pendant from her shop. She also donates some parts of her sales for Japan tsunami relief (actually she's already went to Japan to donate some directly).

She etched a bird on the brass and below the bird's beak, it says in Japanese;

"I'm home"

on the opposite side;

"Welcome home"

They are such simple every day phrases, but make my heart aches thinking about mamy people who cannot even say those now.

There are tiny brass keys also hanging together with the bird and my husband added some of my favorite gem beads for me. I love them all together. Those little charms make pretty tinkling sounds.

Thank you for your beautiful work, Usagiuma-san.

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