Monday, March 10, 2008

Kanoko Pants

A month ago, I made a vow to my husband, who has started to worry about rising cost of yarns, that I would not buy any new cloths other than pants and underwears. I have to knit all (Have anybody made same silly vow like mine?). Of course, my husband dosen't take it seriously, but well, I will try as far as I can go. Fortunately winter is almost over. I don't need time/yarn consuming heavy garments, I guess several summer sweaters and some tanks may be enough to survive next 6 months. Oh, and several pairs of socks, too.


This vow is not applied to my daughter almost 8 months now. However, her pants are getting small and running out. She needs more pants! I am not gonna knit my pants, but baby's one should not be that terrible..

So naturally I made one. I call it "Kanoko Pants". "Kanoko" is from Japanese term "Kanoko-ami" which means "seed(moss) stiches".

It is knitted from waist and divided into legs. Waist dosen't join, so later waist band can fold in two with waist string inside.

SIZE: 3-9[9-18, 18-24]months or finished measurement for waist: 16[19, 21.5] inches without stretching.

MATERIAL: 2x Lion Cotton-Ease (taupe) , tapestry needle, stitch holder, size G crochet hook for waist string.

NEEDLES: US6 circular 16" , and double points.

GAUGE: 18sts x 28rws = 4 x4 inches.

with circular needle, cast on 72[84, 96] sts, DO NOT JOIN.

row1-18: [k2 p2] repeat[] to end.


join in to circle.

rnd1-6: k to end.

rnd 7: [k2, k front and back (1 inc)] repeat [] to end. 96[112, 128] sts.

rnd 8: p to end.

rnd 9-11: k to end.

rnd 12: p to end.

rnd 13: k to end.

rnd 14: [k1 p1] repeat [] to end.

rnd 15: [p1 k1] repeat [] to end.

repeat rnd 14-15 5[7, 9] times more.

next round: k to end.

next round: p to end.

next 8 rounds: k to end.
next 2 rounds: p to end.

put the last half sts (48[56, 64]sts) on stitch holder (for left leg).

switch to dpn, divide sts on 3 needles. k in circle.

rnd1-12: k to end.

rnd 13: p to end.

rnd 14-16: k to end.

rnd 17: p to end.

rnd 18: k to end.

rnd 19: [k1 p1] repeat [] to end.

rnd 20: [p1 k1] repeat [] to end.

repeat rnd 19-20 2[4,6] times more.

next round: k to end.

next round: p to end.

next 12 rounds: k to end.

next 2 rounds: p to end.

next 5 round: k to end.



join new yarn (leave at least 5 inches).

do same as right leg.


make 25-30 inches of chain using crochet hook for waist string.

place waist string in waist band ribbing and fold the band in two toward inside of pants.

saw the edges at the waist band border.

using yarn left at the begining of left leg, close the crotch. weave in all ends.

I love seed stitch!


  1. I love your patterns! I have two friends who are expecting soon, so I may knit these as gifts. Keep up the good work. :)

  2. so cute! and the moss stitch is just like kanoko dots in shibori - clever you!

  3. Very cute! This will make a great gift!


  4. I want to make these for myself! I wonder how nutty it would be to knit adult-sized pants?

  5. How much will these shrink in the wash, do you think? Should I make them a little large just in case, or is this already taken into account?

  6. Everyone above,
    Thank you for the comment!
    I don't know...I thought knitted adult pants is not practical but now I am thinking that knitting a pajama pants like this one may be quite ok.


    The yarn I used was cotton-acryl brend and machine washable.

    When I washed this pants I did "white" cycle and dried in the dryer for 60 min. It seemed not shrinked.

    So as long as you use this yarn I think you don't have to worry about shrinking. Also this pants is quite roomy around legs (about 12 inches).

    Hopefully it helps.
    Good luck with your knitting!

  7. Wow, adorable. I think I'm going to make some in wool as a diaper cover.

  8. You need to start selling your patterns. Very cute. Nice job, too. Your children, and husband, are very lucky to have you. :-) So glad you're part of Ravelry. :-))))

    loraine alias simra on the web

  9. Love Love LovE the Pants..
    Thanks for thr pattern... My GD is 10 months so I'll just add a few !!!


  11. i'm getting the yarn for these tomorrow. So cute! Thanks for the pattern!

  12. Thank you so much for this wonderful pattern! My daughter is expecting a baby boy in November, and I just finished making a pair for him.

  13. love these! am posting about them tomorrow at Craft and Found!

  14. This pattern is WONDERFUL! I made a newborn pair and a 3-6 month pair. If you want to see the newborn pair (in pink and green) - check out ravelry - marysbond. The 3-6 month pair is in lavendar and the same green, but I haven't posted pics of it yet.

    I love, love, love this pattern!

    And it's funny, I just looked up a great little skirt to knit and checked out that person's blog - lo and behold - it was your pattern too! I can't wait to do the skirt, I'll be doing it in magic loop with it.

    EXCITING! Thanks!

  15. Hi Mary,

    Thank you very much for your nice comment. Your baby is so cute in your pink/green pants. Pretty color choice! Hope you like the skirt, too. Happy knitting!

  16. These pants are great and sooo easy to make, I just finished making a pair for a expected grandchild, and am going to make a bigger size too!

  17. These pants are so cute. You're right - they would make awesome pj pants for adults too! Any suggestions on sizing for adult size?

  18. a wonderful pattern! THANKS so much for sharing it. I made a pair for my daughter. It's the first time I've ever knit pants and I love how they turned out.
    I put a picture up on my blog:

  19. I was considering making a pair of these beautiful pants, but I have just one queistion: On average, how long has it been taking people to knit them? I am a fast knitter, a beginer, but none the less, a fast learner. Any ideas? Thank you in advance!

  20. Hi,
    You give me the most difficult question!

    I don't really research on how long it takes people to make. I think it really really depends.

    This is pretty simple pattern for baby. It took me 3 days, maybe 4~5 hors total to finish. I was a newbie knitter and just started using dpn back then, so I must have been slow. Hopefully that gives you at least an idea.....

  21. These are darling pants! Thank you for sharing your pattern!

  22. These are the most beautiful pants! Are they to fit over cloth nappies or disposables?

  23. I used mine over cloth diapers - they worked out great b/c they had some good sized "hips". GREAT pattern - I made two pair for cloth diapering.

  24. Thanks Mary. I posted a reply last night but looks like it didn't work. I am a novice knitter and just wondering what ply wool you used and if you remember how much wool the pants took. I am so excited to make this for my daughter!

  25. Love Love Love! I'm thinking longies! :-) Thanks so much!

  26. I used worsted weight and honestly I don't recall how much yarn I used! It was a couple of years ago that I made the newborn and 6 month size...I want to say 220 yards will be enough, but I can't guarantee it. I also used two different colors in the same pair of pants, so that doesn't help matters when trying to remember how much I used.

    Good luck! It was a great pattern!

  27. you have designed the most beautiful baby clothes! I know it's a big ask but would have any of your patterns using straight needles (not double pointed) and no crochet? i'm a knitting beginner (but fast learner) and would love a pair of these (or any of your other designs) for my daughter ( and the one on the way!)

    Thanks so much! clare

  28. very cute pants:=) i was thinking of giving it a try...just one thing! i don´t understand round 7 in body -
    rnd 7: [k2, k front and back (1 inc)] repeat [] to end. 96[112, 128] sts

    if anyone could explain it to me in a simpler way I would appreciate it:)

    best regards,

  29. Hi Grun,

    You will knit 2 sts and for the third stitch you knit in front and back (kfb), so you increase 1 stitch. and repeat those k2, kfb till the end. There are instructions on how to do knit in front and back on couple knitting site. Here is the one example:
    Hopefully it helps.

    Have a happy knitting!

  30. I have made these pants 4 times now and each pair is sweeter than the last.

  31. I love the Kanoko pants but as a I am new to knitting I do not understand what md means. Please help as I have the yarn and I am eager to start.

  32. Hi there,
    If you mean "rnd", it is abbreviation for "round".
    rnd 1 means the 1 st round of knitting in circle.
    Goodluck, and happy knitting!

  33. oh I see thank you so much

  34. Hello! Just wanted to say that I love this pattern and am working on my second pair. I just blogged about how great they are at Thanks for a great pattern!

  35. so so cute! must make immediately

  36. I can't thank you enough for this wonderful pattern--so easy to make and so worth the effort.
    I made them for my 8th grandson--we live in Wisconsin so it gets quite cold in the winter.
    Made them in a week! Thanks again for sharing.

  37. Thanks for the great pattern. I love these!! I blogged about it today:

  38. Love these...finished <3 I enjoyed making them for my grandson...:)

  39. So cute! Anyone tried making bigger size, to fit 3-year old?
    Best regards, Ingrid

  40. Hi,
    Thanks for the pattern. I made some similar pants for my daughter when she was 1 year old in sage green acrylic worsted weight at 16 st/4 in, CO 80 sts. (She's 29 now) She wore them for 2 years because every month she grew and every washing the pants stretched out in the dryer. Toward the end I let out the waistband and wove the string in and out through row 2 to give her a little more room. I knit her several tops in dusty rose which went well with the green pants and she looked cute. Sleeveless a-line baby tops are vests in winter and sleeveless tops in summer. They start out loose and knee length and become short tops with little ease. A ruffle added to the hem extends them. She's such a fashion horse now, she'd laugh at the thought of her home-made baby wardrobe. At the time she was warm and cute.
    Julie in San Diego

  41. I just finished my kanoko pants for my nine months old baby daugther and am SO HAPPY(!) with them!!! The pattern is very well written, kept supersimple and yet astonishingly comfortable and strechy. I've made some knitted pants before but none of them went as quickly and easy as yours here, so THANK you for sharing them! I'll blog about your kanoko pants soon, I guess and will link to your site and pattern. I made some changes, mostly because I used kind of silk yarn (Bourette) which did not show the seed stich off as much as I expected, so I desided to make only one seed stich part around the hip which looks still quite nice I think (love seed stich too!) And I made the legs a little longer with ribbing at the end (which did not turn out as strechy as I thought, but anway, that's o.k. for me) What I really LOVE is the seam on top; not joined and so very adjustable, just like I wish it for garments of little childern who move around so much and will probably not like beeing constricted too much around their belly. Great solution, thank you!
    have a good time!
    Bora from Switzerland

  42. Just wanted to drop the link to my kanokopants-post here... And to thank you again for this great pattern.

  43. I know this is an older post, but I absolutely LOVE these adorable pants! I've made 4 or 5 pairs but every time I finish them I have a gaping hole in the crotch. Is there any advice you can give, any tricks that I may be missing!? These are the first pants I've tried so it may just be a trick with pants that I don't know about. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you!

    1. Ive made a few of these pants too. I use the left over wool from when you do the second leg (says to leave five inches) to sew up the hole. it says sew up crotch using this left over. Hope this helps you!

  44. I made these pants according to your instructions - the best baby clothing I have ever made. Thanks so much for sharing this easy but impressive pattern.

  45. hi. i'm reading through your patterns and every so often i come across abbrev such as md7 and md8.. could you tell me what your abbrev mean please thankyou


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