Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The boots and skirt

Finally I felt a little chill this morning. It was such a long summer in Atlanta.

Anyway, I think my boots and skirt are ready!

Link: Running-Stitch Skirt

Last year when I was preparing these photos for the submission, I got some weird leg inflammation which made me eventually  not be able to wear the boots at all the rest of winter. Instead of the boots, I was in the high pressure support hose which was the most comfortable thing to put on the legs but least great looking.....
So I was really looking forward to seeing the cool weather coming this year.

And for the skirt, I made a pink-purple one, too!

Friday, August 27, 2010


Things are changing a lot around me...

About knitting, one of my pattern is now on Interweave Knits fall 2010. (for Ravelry, click here) and I started my designing into a real business.

Almost the same time as my pattern were out, my family moved into a new house. Now I have my knitting space where nobody complains of my leaving my swift open, or their getting trapped in tangled mohair (see what I was working on at that time in here).

The house is 50 years old, but nice and spacey and it came with A DOG! The story is that he lived his past 8 years in the backyard of the house, and the former owner was moving to a small condo which has no yard and looking for a good option for him. Well, we met him and we fell in love with him, especially my daughter;

 And he loves her, too. We told her that we will keep him, respecting his current lifestyle and welcome him as our new family member. So his name is now Butterscotch Sakurai !

Anyway, now I'm in new place and getting a lot of inspirations from those my new surroundings. I hope soon that I can post some free patterns and a lot more here.

Hope you all well,
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