Monday, January 31, 2011

waiting for a school bus

My son loves riding on a school bus. He is very serious about not missing it, so we come out our house way before the bus actually comes. It is pretty cold right now, we try to entertain each other during waiting, to keep us distracting from the cold. The bus comes usually around 7:20 in the morning, and in this time of the year, the sky just starts showing some sign of the morning coming.

I took my camera the other day and tried to capture the Venus we see every morning. I've never tried to take pictures of stars. so I was not sure if I could capture it.

I didn't take tripod with me so I needed to make exposure as short as possible. So the picture is pretty dark even though the sky was getting bright, but I managed to get a little dot of Venus in the view. Do you see it?? (Sorry I don't even have a zoom on my camera..... ;) It is always  impressing how bright Venus is.

There was also the Moon;

It was fun, except I was a little shy to say good morning to the bus driver with big camera hanging from my neck..My son might be also a little embarrassed for me, but he waved at me as always from the bus window so cute. That is the best morment first in the morning.

And Butter in the morning light;

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  1. Venus and the moon captured in a morning ritual with your son. I was touched.


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