Monday, February 14, 2011

My girl and cat, and my first granny squares you see a bit in the back.


I finished my first granny squares using various leftover yarns I accumulated for those years. It took more than two years of my slow crochetting during my commutes to make decent amount of motifs, and still, they were not enough for the size I wanted be originally… 

Anyway I thought the time had come and I put them together.

Oh, poor thing.. I don't have enough nerve to show close-up of my sorry afghan. My sewing is a mess!! I hope I do better job next time and I won't use white yarn for sewing again! At least it makes my lap warm and my girl seems to love it, too.

Anyway I love the way this picture itself turned out. My daughter keeps her toy cat close everywhere in our house.

Happy Valentine!


  1. Your granny squares cant look that bad. I havent done one for years and have forgotten how already. Love the pic with your little girl and her toy cat!

  2. Your afghan looks great from here. I like the colors. The way your daughter walks the cat is adorable.

  3. Thank you so much, Sue and Mette. Hugs!
    You made me feel much better.
    Anyway, it is granny?? OMG, now I need to run and hide....

  4. I have a new nephew in development and think the cat is adorable. Where did you get it?

  5. Hi Janet,

    I think I got it at HomeGoods a few years ago and I doubt they still have it. They are made by Applepie Toys, called "Pull-along pals"

    I hope it helps,


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