Monday, December 20, 2010


Corrie from retromummy was one of the test knitters for Like Sleeves for babies, and her little baby Elodie was the model!

Here is the pattern sneak peak. Isn't she just gorgeous?

and here is her post about it and more pictures.

Corrie lives in Australia, has 4 kids including a twin and a newborn, operating a cute Japanese fabric shop (retromummy) and posting her blog with full of cooking, sewing, knitting ideas and cute stories about her beautiful family, almost daily bases (there are thousands of followers, off course). She is just amazing!

She was so nice to say yes when I asked her about test knitting, but I didn't realize how busy she was then. Once I realized what was going on with her daily life (I was quite a follower already by then!), I was ready to throw the towel into her ring anytime. But she never boo boo on me and finished such a lovely piece.

Thank you so much Corrie! Next time, I will just send you a finished piece to you so you can just try it on your precious ones.^^)/

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