Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The boots and skirt

Finally I felt a little chill this morning. It was such a long summer in Atlanta.

Anyway, I think my boots and skirt are ready!

Link: Running-Stitch Skirt

Last year when I was preparing these photos for the submission, I got some weird leg inflammation which made me eventually  not be able to wear the boots at all the rest of winter. Instead of the boots, I was in the high pressure support hose which was the most comfortable thing to put on the legs but least great looking.....
So I was really looking forward to seeing the cool weather coming this year.

And for the skirt, I made a pink-purple one, too!


  1. I really love your skirt,guess it would be great for riding a bike;)

  2. Greetings from Finland :)
    I found my way here from Ravelry. Your daughter is adorable. Everything looks so cute on her. Butterscotch Sakurai is cute too :)
    Have a great autumn!

  3. Thank you, paula!
    My daughter and Butterscotch became inseparable. It is just so cute to see them hanging around.
    Happy knitting!


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